revolution (1st quadrant)

we only know we are
herenow slices of being
from one we all scatter
and wonder. . .
always to a certain degree

departing from the essence
it dims --can only dim from here
but there's a need right at the limit
for light blinks, whence back it glints

and thus aware it reminisces
evolution's proof unfolds
in time we find our convalescence
to spring desire from our hope

wantonly strength --some call it will
still found adrift and well afloat
amorphous, raw, unsettling
in stillness dreams to sail a boat

imagine, oh imagine
how wondrous life can be
if shed some thougt it'd take
minuncious working siege

that bridge we're bound to raise
from reason to complete
would be no more than waste
if spurious it should be

to meet again our light
and shine it trough between
our each and every line
of conscious beauty sing

as consciousness heralds
all steps that it precedes
it also bears the substance
of all that's true beneath

one dream, one sight
one love, one mind
one truth, a decade or two.

oneself, until infinity...

CC-BY-SA-NC 2017 Angelo Reale Caldeira de Lemos

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