Who we are

it might be that we are an art + information collective

it might be that we are some kind of a new-era digital magazine

and we've got a kick-ass colour-search tool

cromasomos = we are colours


Cromasomos is still labeless in a way. It was born as a platform to join friends from all over the place, who have interesting ideas about the world, and who like to express them through art. But it is ever-changing, organically. Where we go from here, it's up to the necessities and contributions of each of our users, as a collective.

Category + Colour Search:

To each post, is associated one or more colour(s) and/or one or more category(ies). To know more about the idea behind the colour search, click the little button labelled 'Colour Code', by the colour balls in the seach tool.

About the categories:

In order to be respected as an information and art collective all users in the collective, by simply posting, agree on the following commitments:

CROMA MUNDI: This is our information+opinion section. The commitment here is to always try and backup our arguments with one or more reliable sources, to show more than one side of the argument and not to offend anyone. As a Collective, we do not have a defined political stance. The opinions posted by each user is their own, and Cromasomos cannot be held accountable for them.

INSPIRATION: The work of other artists, of any kind, which we find inspiring. We ask users to always credit the author's, as we would like to be credited for our work. If you find that your work has been posted in this website without the proper credits, please let us know.

AUTHOR'S: User?s own work of any kind, be it poetry, photography, music, art, etc., etc.,.
By posting in this category users are affirming that the work is their own and that they hold all the rights to distribute it.
All the works posted under this category are automatically protected under the 'Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)' license (unless stated differently on a specific post), which, in plain English means that other people can distribute and re-use our work, considering that they acknowledge the author?s credits and considering that it is for a noncommercial purpose.
If you wish to read more about creative commons:


PHILOSOPHY: Any idea. For the crazy, lunatic, or anarchist they might be.

If you have any further questions about the collective and/or want to get involved in some way please contact us through:

vtmoreira @ gmail.com