Augustine Leudar is a sound artist specialising in 3d soundart, audio holograms, and sonic illusions, Augustine creates immersive installations that surprise, mislead, and delight audiences. Characterised by a surreal sense of humour, he creates new worlds and augmented realities through hidden speakers, concealed microphones, and mischievous intent, turning any space into anywhere, from the smallest nook to entire woodland expanses. In 2010, Augustine delivered the world’s largest walk-through multichannel sound installation at the Eden Project in Cornwall. Called ‘Biomes at Night,’ it covered over 4 acres of indoor rainforest. Augustine’s work has been exhibited and performed internationally. He has appeared at the National Gallery of the Czech Republic, AriaArt Gallery in Florence, as well as venues in Peru, Bolivia and across the UK and Ireland. A permanent installation, created with Wireless Mystery Theatre, is on display in the Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh, Northern Ireland. He enjoys site-specific work, and in 2013 he worked with Glastonbury’s Shangri-La to create a dreamlike and immersive sound environment in the “Alleys” that covered several acres . He has also collaborated with various theatre companies to produce works everywhere from public parks to abandoned swimming pools. Augustine has received airplay on BBC Radio 1 (John Peel), the BBC2 Arts Show , and BBC Radio Ulster and is also host of the acclaimed experimental music radio show ‘Through the Looking Glass.’ Currently based in Ireland Augustine conducts research into complex electronic signals in plants and “spatial audio” at the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen’s University Belfast. As a result recent work has focused on making tangible unseen processes in the biosphere such as communication across tree roots . In 2014 “Garden of membranes” created a miniature multichannel sound installation in a Bonsai forest in Bolivia and month later an exhibition an audio hologram sonified an electrical signals in a garden in Rio de Janeiro. Augustine is currently in the Amazon, where he has spent 8 years out of the last 14, investigating the idea that the sounds of the tropical forest are a type of code, and that chemical and electrical signaling in plants form part of a larger information matrix ,a type a of giant fax machine, perhaps indicative of some kind of intelligence.

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Questões Essenciais / Essential Questions


Tem algumas questões essenciais que precisamos começar a discutir como coletivo; este vídeo fala sobre estas apenas superficialmente, com a intenção de começar um diálogo.

Nota que, enquanto não temos uma posição definida, vamos tomando decisões da forma como parecerem mais adequadas caso a caso, à medida que elas vão surgindo, entre os que estiverem envolvidos diretamente.



There are a few essential questions which are emerging; this video touches on them only superficially, with the intention of starting a dialog.

Please note that, while we don't have a defined position on these, we are going to be taking decisions in the way they seem more adequate, case by case, as they show up, among the people directly involved.


1) Site: Usar o que temos // Use what we've got

2) Tamanho do Coletivo // Collective Size
- Rezervar plataforma principal para usuários mais envolvidos, por exemplo com número máximo de integrantes?
- Plataforma externa (por enquanto) abraçaría outros artistas/amigos?
- Usuários menos engajados poderíam deixar plataforma principal para dar lugar a outros?

-- To make the main platform for users who are more engaged, ie: with a max. number of users?
-- External platform (for now) embracing other artists/friends?
-- Less engaged users could be invited to leave the main platform to let others in?

3) Registrar-nos legalmente? // Legally register?

- Basicamente, registrar-nos como um grupo (ter uma voz central que representa a todx perante a lei/estado) ou manter-nos como um grupo de indivíduos independentes?

-- Basically, should we register as a group (and have a central voice that represents us before the law/state) or keep acting as a group of independent individuals?

4) Poupança? // Piggy Bank?

- Basicamente, mexer com tranzações de dinheiro, venda de arte em representação de artistas (inclusive internacionais) precisa ser regularizado perante a lei, ou torna-se um crime. Para tal, precisamos ter uma representação legal (ponto acima) e algum tipo de contrato entre nós.
- Uma alternativa sería o Croma não juntar dinheiro como coletivo. Cada artista vendería as suas obras diretamente para o cliente e o Croma nada mais sería do que uma plataforma que cria essa conexão, sem que nenhum dinheiro passe pelo coletivo. Nessa alternativa, em cada ação que fizermos o dinheiro será dividido pelos participantes e quando precisarmos de dinheiro para o coletivo (site novo) faremos um evento para arrecadar fundos com esse fim.
- Formas criativas de proporcionar uma troca maior entre nós, ajudando uns aos outros a viver do que amamos, e contribuindo de forma nobre com o mundo que nos rodeia, são bem vindas.

-- Basically, to work with money transactions, art sales representing other artists (internationally inclusive), needs to be regulated before the law, or can be seen as a crime. For this to happen, we would need to have some legal representation (question above) and have some kind of written contract between us.
-- One possible alternative to this could be that Croma would simply not gather any money as a collective. Each artist would sell their pieces directly to the clients and Croma would be nothing more than a platform that creates that connection, without any money passing by the collective itself. In this alternative, in each action we take, all the money would be divided between those who took part and when the collective needs money (ie: new website) then we should make a fundraising event to that end.
-- Creative ways to exchange between us and help each other make a living out of what we love, making this way a noble contribution to the world, are always welcome.


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Pessoal, Após meses de tentativas de dinamização

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