Colours Code

To each content uploaded to this website is associated one or more colours, which reflect sensations/ emotions/ feelings. By searching through this content by colours, allow yourself to investigate a largely unknown type of intelligence, the Chromatic Communication.

'Croma Search'

This form of content search was created by Vixugô as a form of giving life to his study 'COLOURS CODE', about the relationship between colours and musical notes, and the sensations/ emotions/ feelings they communicate.

'Colours Code'

As part of the 'Colours Code' study, tests were performed by people of different age groups and backgrounds, in which it was asked for each person to write in front of seven colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink) the first words which came to their mind.

Even though we are at an early phase of the study, it is possible to notice that most of the answers seem to group together in categories which reflect a common cognitive tendency.

In a simplified way, the categories would look something like:

In case you want to know more about this study, or get updated when news come out about it, get in touch with Vixugô through:

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