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On questions raised

Thanks for the internal video Vix, I felt really motivated after watching it, as video is always a very good way to share ideas. Special thanks for the quick review at the end of the video, particularly useful.

Alright, here we go, I hope it's not too boring:

1) I believe that our website is already an interesting and powerful tool for expressing our minds. It can also be a good portfolio space for sharing aspects of ourselves we believe to be in tune with Cromasomos as we feel it (even though we don't have it quite clear yet).

Come on guys! Let's use the website more regularly!

I know that, as artists, we often feel very cryptic towards our ideas, but that is a place for freedom and expression. Sometimes we think that what we want to post is not good enough to be there but in fact it turns out to be for someone else. I am personally very curious to hear, see and feel what you keep inside those minds and hearts, I'm sure some of it is bound to inspire me.

At the moment, our website still doesn't get too much visibility and some might argue that is the very reason they won't use it as much. Even though that's something we might want to improve on a longer term, it's in my opinion a silly reason. For those who are more cryptic, that means a good opportunity to exercise expression and interaction within a smaller circle of artists. Anyway, the more we use it, the more it will become relevant for outsiders, but most importantly, the more it will become relevant for our own crew, which should matter the most in the first place. It should happen very organically and I would personally love to start small semiotic/indirect conversations with all of you guys.

2) As for the size, I think it would be nice to have a broader community on Facebook for the exchange of ideas and discussions. It could also be a good way to promote our work to a more targeted audience.

As for the collective itself (and the website as a consequence), I'm personally voting for a smaller group of people. I don't know, people can be very complex and unpredictable and I personally prefer having fewer people to understand and get along in order to spend some quality time together. I didn't use to think this way as I'd always prefer open over strict access to things. But lately I've been realizing that, sometimes, it's not about being strict, but rather being selective. It's not about quantity but quality instead.

3) Specially if we aim to be anarchical and consider registering ourselves, which I am absolutely hoping for. Not only it will empower us further (by allowing us to participate in calls for proposals) as it will add a more serious tone to our internal conversations, and altogether strengthen the conviction that what we do for Cromasomos is important for all of us.

4) I'm not an example of success in neither business nor money management. But I like the idea of having some spare capital for investing on the collective itself. Once smartly invested, it will eventually lead to a growth in Cromasomos operations and throughput, and I believe that's desirable for all of us. How to do it? "Keine ahnung" (no idea). But I'd guess it has something to do with: promote our events, manufacture goods, improve the lifestyle on the collective's facilities (like that small house, if it turns out to be our headquarters), I don't know... I believe it'd be nice if it's also used in ways that could potentially generate more capital (without being unsustainable or too commercial, after all, as Vix said, we're not a company).

These are some of my thoughts and feelings on the raised questions.
Peace out! <3

Image by Knud Merrild

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